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Design a visually-appealing white paper with Venngage

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Convert your expertise into leads. Create a compelling white paper using our unique templates and online editor.

Reach new audiences with a well-designed white paper

White papers have the power to connect you and your business with new customers. Which means they can't be boring blocks of text.

Charts, photos, icons and other visuals help bring your content to life and engage your audience--resulting in a better conversion rate.

Venngage's creative white paper templates let you do just that, without any design know-how.

Unique layouts, beautiful images and eye-catching data visualizations: it's all within your reach with Venngage's white paper templates and online drag-and-drop editor.

The result? Establish authority in your niche, educate your audience and ultimately, drive sales.

How to create a white paper on Venngage in 5 steps:

  1. Join Venngage for free with an email, Gmail or Facebook account.
  2. Pick a white paper template that fits your topic, business or style.
  3. Add all of your written content and images to the white paper template.
  4. Upgrade your white paper with our every expanding library of icons, illustrations, charts and graphs.
  5. Download your white paper with a few clicks and share it with the world.

Design a captivating white paper that looks incredible by:

Adding graphs & charts

Illustrate an important point for your readers with a custom graph or chart.

Breaking up the text

Help people read through your white paper by using visuals to break up the blocks of text.

Using color throughout

Categorize information and make your white paper more engaging by adding pops of color.

Including your own images

Make your white paper look genuine by using your own images or photos.

Select one of our professionally designed white paper templates

Not everyone who wants to create a white paper has a design degree. That's why we have already done all the hard design work for by creating professional, ready-to-go white paper templates. Don't worry about picking the right color palettes, matching fonts or spacing things correctly. That's already done on each template.

But if you do want to personalize your white paper design, you can - our templates are fully customizable. Our drag and drop canvas makes it easy to move, add and delete your text boxes, images, icons, and charts.

Create an eye-catching white paper cover

The first thing that your readers are going to see is the cover of your white paper. This could be in an email, on social media, or on your site. Whatever the situation, you want the cover to grab their attention and entice them to see what's inside. Our white paper templates are all designed to do just that - and they're easy to customize if you have your own cover design in mind!

Include custom graphs, maps and charts

Charts are perfect for making data more engaging and easy to understand. Venngage offers a wide variety of chart and data visualization templates for all type of data.

It could be a map that shows off the growth of a new business across the country. A pie-chart that breaks down user demographics of a product. Or a bar graph that compares earnings and profits over the past few years.

Simply import your spreadsheet into the chart editor, or copy and paste your data. Creating a data-driven white paper is simple using Venngage.

Work with your whole team on a white paper

White papers can pack a lot of information into one document, and they often take more than one person to create. With Venngage, everyone on your team can work on the same white paper it from one dashboard using the Team sharing function.

Edit the design, make comments and share the draft with each other. Streamline your white paper design process with Venngage!

Download your white paper and share it with the world

After you put the final touches on your white paper, it's time to download it and share it with your readers. Download your whitepaper as a high-quality PNG or PDF with a single click. Or share your document directly from Venngage on social media or really anywhere you want.

Common Questions:

How do I sign up for Venngage?

Join Venngage by signing in with your email, Gmail or Facebook account.

What's the definition of a white paper?

A white paper is a long-form, in-depth piece of content that seeks to educate its target audience about a business's area of expertise. For example: The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Video Marketing.

Can I download or print my white paper?

Yes! You can publish your white paper on Venngage and share that link with a few clicks. Or, you can download it as a PNG or PDF for print.

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