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Create an informative user persona guide with Venngage

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Help your team understand how your customers use your product, or what makes an ideal customer with a user persona guide

Visualize the traits, characteristics, and behaviors that make a perfect customer

Every business has a lot of diverse customers, but what makes the perfect customer? Is it the way they use the product, their casual hobbies or even their education? All of this is information is pretty easy to find out. However, making sure your whole company understands and can use this information is not as simple.

Thankfully with a user persona guide, you can effectively articulate those findings to every person at your company. And with Venngage you can turn that persona guide into a visual masterpiece in no time. Start with one of our professionally designed persona guide templates and add all of your important information with a few clicks. Then make your persona guide truly unique with our collection of thousands of icons, illustrations, and images.

Design a persona guide on Venngage in 5 simple steps:

  1. Sign up for Venngage for free with an email, Gmail or Facebook account.
  2. Select the perfect persona guide template for your company.
  3. Add your written content, important information or findings to the persona guide template.
  4. Use some icons, illustrations or images to make your personal guide visually stunning.
  5. Download your persona guide with a single click or share it directly with your team.

Create a visually appealing and useful persona guide by:

Creating more than one persona

An effective persona guide should feature 2-4 well thought out personas.

Including your own images

A persona guide should feel like it's describing a real person, so use real photos.

Using compelling colors

Color can say a lot about a person, use it to give your personas more depth.

Adding a graph or chart

Use graphs and charts to explain your persona or their traits in greater detail.

Start with one of our professionally designed persona guide templates

You have already done a ton of work of researching your ideal personas, so you're probably exhausted. Thankfully, we have a nice collection of persona guide templates to make the design process easy. All you have to do is pick the perfect template, our designers have already done all the hard design work for you.

With these templates you can create a professionally designed persona guide in no time. And best of all, they are completely customizable. This means you can add any text boxes, images, icons, or charts that you want. All with a simple click or two!

Design a realistic visual representation of your personas

Your personas should feel like real people if you want to create an effective persona guide. This is the only way that your company or team will be able to take them seriously. If the personas are too intense or cheesy, they will just write the findings off.

A fanatic way to do this is by creating a visual representation of each persona. This could be something as simple as a well-researched headshot. Or as complex as a mood board that explains their hopes, dreams, and motivations in a visual way.

Add a chart, graph, or visualization to your persona guide

Sometimes you need a little more leeway to describe a certain user persona. Not everything can be so black and white, especially when it comes to feelings, personalities, or motivations.

A graph, chart or data visualization is a perfect way to help explain the less rigid parts of your persona guide. Create a graph about how someone feels about your branding, a visualization that explains their motivations in life or a chart that maps their personality. All this can be done on Venngage!

Collaborate at any time with your team

Creating a persona guide is a team effort and with Venngage you can all work on it at once. And from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access.

Edit, comment, and design all from the same dashboard to build the perfect user persona guide.

Download or share your persona guide with your whole company with one click

Once your team has finished creating the user persona guide it's time to share it with everyone. All you need to do is click one button and you can download it as a high quality PNG or PDF with a single click. Or share it directly from Venngage with your own unique link and landing page for fast feedback.


How do I sign up for Venngage?

Join Venngage by signing in with your email, Gmail or Facebook account.

What if I'm not a designer?

No worries! Our designers have already done all the hard work for you and created exceptional persona guide templates. All you need to have is a great idea and a bit of creativity.

Can I print out my persona guide?

Yes! You can download it as a high quality PNG or PDF and then print it out.

Didn't find a template you liked? Check out more templates on our templates page.